A Good Guy With Bacon

There’s lots of important and serious stuff to write about, but for some reason I was taken by the recently publicized lethality of bacon, as it relates to our weapon-toting culture. I sang this song over and over until the soggy bits had fallen off and discovered it was under two minutes long. But there it is on Youtube, with a slideshow including acknowledgement of my imaginary picking partners.

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Death With Popcorn

My wife spent last month taking care of her dying sister. She asked me to write a song about the swallow-raw-popcorn-and-get-cremated meme, so I did. This arrangement makes heavy use of an Electronic Wind Instrument, demonstrating with painful clarity that anything more complicated than the Valkyries fanfare is . . . interesting. Here it is on Youtube.

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Grandma’s A Pirate

Okay, sorta topical, because tomorrow is Talk Like A Pirate Day. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9u01nKI6cY

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The Clown Car, or Sixteen Clowns

Two months ago I posted a song called Clown Car, making fun of the first three Republican candidates declaring a year and a half before the election. Then there were six. I wrote that song, but before I posted it . . . I had one almost ready to go at fifteen, when Mike Kasich joined the circus. Twenty-four hours of work later, I present to you a song that’s seven minutes (too) long. The last change happened when I was mixing the recording and heard that I had sung “Squat Walker”. Do it all over or change the lyric text? Let me think. Meanwhile, here’s the song and slideshow.

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Clown Car

It’s disrespectful to clowns, to compare the current crop of early candidates to a people riding in a clown car. Still, lots of cartoonists use the metaphor, so I had lots of cartoons to steal/borrow for the slide show. Many thanks to Fl!p Breskin, Rob Lopresti, and Meryle Korn for criticizing the rough draft on the 21st.

The band should be called Flash Pointless and the Lightning Nuts. Flash plays lead mandolin, Many Kilohertz rhythm mando, Rumbing Oldman on bass, Rusty Weathervane om guitar. Never Strikes Twice the drummer didn’t show up for the session.

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R.I.P. Terry Pratchett: Anthropomorphic Personification

Since Terry wrote about Death, I did a song and slideshow about that bony gentleman with the scythe.

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Don’t Eat The Bread

Yesterday, Feb. 3, 2015, Senator Thom Tillis, R-N.C., expressed the view that restaurants should not have to follow health regulations. As long as they posted a sign explaining that their workers were not forced to wash their hands after using the biffy, the market would take care of the problem.

Be warned! The working draft of this song was named “Shit Sandwich”, but having talked to someone who had avoided listening to Ugly As Hell because it had an unpleasant title, I changed the title and even changed the lyrics slightly. The slideshow does have a picture of a fex between slices of bread, but nobody has to eat it. The same applies to Senators, although it takes six years to flush them.

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