Still In The Clown Car

I posted “Fossil Fuel’s Good Enough For Me” to Youtube at the beginning of March, but then WordPress and my new-to-me Macbook decided not to communicate. Eventually I posted a blog entry for that song on an old Windows machine on March 17. It’s still March 17, and a few days ago I found that I had to write another version of The Clown Car while there were still four Republicans running. The song itself wasn’t too hard, but I decided that using circus marches for fill between verses meant that I should use my best imitation of a circus band, meaning my Electronic Wind Instrument being a trumpet, a fluegelhorn, a baritone. a trombone, a tuba, and a piccolo. Alas that it was beyond my skill, so after throwing a couple of days at it, I just played two mandolin parts plus guitar and bass. And that is the recording that this links to. Note that when it went live, Marco Rubio was still officially in the race.


About zeke4blog

I'm a songwriter and Fl!p and I play house concerts and elder residences. This blog is as much as anything a way to prod myself to keep track and keep going.
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