Fossil Fuel’s Good Enough For Me

It is fascinating, but annoying, how thoroughly some people reject the evidence for human-CO2-caused climate change. On one hand, there are the oilcos, whose scientists certainly know what is happening, somehow believing that a few more years of big profits is worth living on a wrecked planet afterward. Somehow, they managed to make a big part of Congress parrot the lie, and I have to assume that at least a few of them actually believe it. And the attitude of the poor people they are duping, that renewable power is something the liberal urban elite want and therefore a bad thing.

A big job to capture all of that in a short song, but here it is.

Today WordPress doesn’t want to show the image.


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I'm a songwriter and Fl!p and I play house concerts and elder residences. This blog is as much as anything a way to prod myself to keep track and keep going.
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