Tim Eyman Memorial Bridge

May, 2013. A truck took out a vital girder in a truss holding up the bridge on Interstate 5 across the Skagit River in Washington State, and the span went down. Very luckily, only three vehicles went into the river, and all of the occupants were rescued.

It turns out that many bridges are known to be equally vulnerable, but states attempting to put the budget together to upgrade them run across the efforts of people like Tim Eyman, who makes his career out of trying to eliminate all taxes in the state, presumably to reduce government to something that can be drowned in the bathtub if it gets uppity about doing anything except maintaining a military.

It wasn’t my idea to rename the bridge after Tim, or to put a sign next to it saying “YOUR TAX CUTS AT WORK”, but I wrote the song. So that people could sing along, I used the tunes of “Over The Waves” (chorus) and “The Strawberry Roan”(verse).  I actually posted two versions of the song, because Tracy Spring and Flip Breskin added some harmony parts to the recording and Youtube doesn’t let you change the soundtrack. This is the good one.


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I'm a songwriter and Fl!p and I play house concerts and elder residences. This blog is as much as anything a way to prod myself to keep track and keep going.
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